Autodesk: For the Journey
A campaign inspired by that magic moment when architects see their designs become a reality, highlighting Autodesk's steadfast support throughout an architect's journey.
Agency: This Machine
Creative direction and visual design: Kaitlyn Castellow
Copywriting: Jenna Allen and Bri Hand
Messaging strategy: Rebecca Hill

Autodesk needed to show its architectural audience that they are a trusted partner for innovation. My partner and I created a campaign that recognizes and celebrates architects—their work, their journeys, and their impact on the future, showing not only that Autodesk gets them, but that they have been and will continue to be there to support them in building a better tomorrow.
The look for this campaign captures the journey from the first sketch to the finished building, plus all the people/teams and software used along the way. It uses real images provided by architects, giving Autodesk a way to engage with its customers while helping customers elevate their successes to a large audience.

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