I created a number of marketing assets to support the "Data for One. Data for All" ABM campaign my agency created for Alation. This included a number of editorial experiences that help explain the benefits of Alation's solutions.
Agency: This Machine
Design & Art Direction: Kaitlyn Castellow
Copywriting: Matt Sullivan

Industry brochures
We created industry brochures for the sales team to use in the final months of a deal cycle that encourage organizations to choose Alation over its competitors. I designed each to be bold and eye-catching while emphasizing key points and reflecting the appropriate industries.

Data environments
The "data environments" are industry-specific pieces that target top-of-funnel audiences to provide awareness of their offerings. I designed the pieces to reflect each of the target industries and visually highlight how Alation empowers the different roles across an organization.

Amazon infographics
We targeted Amazon specifically and created a few pieces for them including:

Left: Day 1 Infographic — An infographic that takes key points from Jeff Bezos' famous 2016 "Day 1" letter to stakeholders and ties it directly to how Alation can help fight off Day 2 stasis. I designed this to look very personalized, using the arrows to give it a hand-notated feel while still remaining on-brand for Alation. 
Right: Case study — a case study showing how Alation is already used in one part of the organization.

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