Splunk’s Great Resilience Quest
A fantasy-themed gamified experience that guides customers through quests to promote product adoption and learning.
Agency: This Machine + Agent3 for development
Creative direction, UX, and visual design: Kaitlyn Castellow
Copywriting: Matt Sullivan

After the success of our first gamified Splunk experience, we were asked to do another. This time, the gameplay experience was going to be linear instead of point-based, so we further pushed the bounds of the Folloze content platform we were using by creating a completely different UI that still used Folloze's content management and data collection on the backend for rich analytics. The theme is the Great Resilience Quest and was unveiled at Splunk's 2023 .conf conference in July. I designed the UI to be mobile-first so that users would have a great experience whether they play on their phones at the conference or are continuing on their computers later on. The theme ties in playful quest-like elements with Splunk's branding, and helps make the content learning experience an enjoyable one.

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